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Good Food Finder is a statewide, online directory of family farmers and food artisans established to tell their story and promote food diversity. Our goal is to provide a centralized gathering space where citizens, chefs and other researchers can learn about and connect with their local food providers in order to disseminate their message and product as widely as possible. Ultimately, the collection, exchange and distribution of this information will increase direct sales for these food producers as well as strengthen community resilience and create a healthier, sustainable food system.

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Our Resources page provides complementary information about farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, restaurants, retailers and agritourism opportunities that source from Arizona food providers and the Good Food Finder Blog tells their stories as well as provides information on related events and other opportunities.

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Know Who Your Food Comes From

Good Food Finder seeks to redirect common perception that our food begins at the grocery store or, increasingly, that a local chef is responsible for its arrival to the table. By encouraging parents, kids, restaurateurs and chefs, wholesalers and retailers to shake the hand of their local family farmer and food artisan, we believe that an appreciation can be formed and a shift in food and purchasing consumption can occur.

Our Commitment:

1. To increase name and brand recognition for small-scale growers, ranchers and food artisans.
2. To forge relationships between producers and buyers, producers and consumers and from person to person.
3. To educate citizens on food cultures, from historic traditions to plant biodiversity and restoration.
4. To encourage resilient local economy infrastructure through food relationships

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For every $10 spent on local food, $8-9 can be retained by that family business.

For every $10 spent on local food, $8-9 can be retained by that family business. When not directly purchased, a minimal $1.58 is retained.

For every $10 spent on local food, $8-9 can be retained by that family business. When not directly purchased, a minimal $1.58 is retained going to processors, distributors, marketers and other in-between fees.

Find Opportunity in Deficiency

Arizona is ripe with opportunity; it has an abundant food history that has been forgotten and an ample provisional food community that needs its stories told. In the same way, the global food system is also full of prospect; it is a system that severely inefficiently and inadequately feeds a population of over 7 billion people while obesity and starvation epidemics, traditions and taste, global climate change, animal husbandry and human labor practices fall victim.

Citizens and an increasing number of organizations are recognizing systematic changes should be made and are implementing efforts to make Arizona and other communities stronger and more sustainable for their residents. We believe we can do our part by introducing Arizonans and the rest of the world to those that grow, raise and make our food, allowing individuals to hear the stories– good and honest– in order to make the food choices that they want to make.

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Our Story

Founder Natalie Morris began Good Food Finder in 2011 as a research project funded by a Borderlands Food and Water Security Fellowship grant given to her by WK Kellogg Foundation Chair and University of Arizona professor, Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan. Through research it became clear that small-scale farmers and artisans needed increased exposure as well as a centralized direct-marketing source. She published her work to promote these producers as well as Arizona’s diverse offerings and at the same time filling a need within the community to connect with local food producers in a more familiar way. Good Food Finder has since become a way to also promote Arizona’s biodiverse food offerings, formalizing as a socially responsible for-profit entity and listing nearly 1000 small-scale food providers and over 4500 food items.

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