Interview with Margaree Bigler / Will Work for Good Food Podcast

If you’ve enjoyed going to the Devoured Culinary Classic, and we have, you’ve got a few people to thank and Margaree Bigler is one of them.  We chased her down this week during planning at the Phoenix Art Museum.  Devoured is this Saturday and it’s sold out, save for a few giveaways and Facebook purchasing exchanges.

In this podcast you’ll find out Margaree’s love of fashion and civic pride.  And you’ll learn that recording a podcast on just a mildly windy day makes for imperfect audio.  Asi es la vida.  I’m learning.

Please enjoy our second podcast with Local First Arizona’s Local Foods Representative and one of our favorite people. Click below to play.

Will Work for Good Food Podcast – Margaree Bigler Local First Arizona

 {Photo by Jennifer Woods}

Jennifer Woods

Co-Founder and Creative Stragetist at Good Food Allies
I have a particular interest in food culture, the business of food and cooking at home. I am working to get as much good food get on the tables of as many hungry eaters as possible.